Banish Pet Odours Naturally from Your Home

Our pets bring boundless joy, but the challenge of pet odours is real. The lingering scents from our furry friends can sometimes take over our homes. However, you can tackle this issue effectively and naturally. In this article, we'll explore eco-friendly ways to banish pet odours from your living spaces. And, we're introducing Resparkle Natural Laundry Powder and Organic Disinfectant, products that complement these efforts.

Pet odour removal
  1. Vacuum Like a Pro

Dog hair, dirt, and debris can lead to smelly carpets and floors. Regular vacuuming is your best defence against these odours. It's essential to keep your floors clean to eliminate odour sources. While some dogs shed more than others, make it a habit to vacuum at least once a week. This simple practice not only helps manage odours but also keeps your home looking tidy.

  1. Bedding Bliss with Machine Washing

Your dog's bed can become a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites if left uncleaned. Regular machine washing of your dog's bedding and blankets is crucial. Aim to wash them every one to two weeks to prevent the buildup of odours. Resparkle Natural Laundry Powder uses 100% natural ingredients to kill odour-causing bacteria, eliminating odours rather than masking it. 

  1. Toy Hygiene Matters

Just like bedding, your dog's toys can harbour bacteria and even mould. While the risk to your pet's health is minimal, keeping their toys clean prevents both unpleasant odours and potential health concerns. Soft toys can be machine-washed separately from your regular laundry. Short of time? A quick fix is to spray Resparke's Organic Disinfectant Cleaner - made from 100% food-safe natural ingredients means you don't need to worry about your fur babies ingesting harmful chemicals.

  1. Welcome Fresh Air

Natural ventilation is a powerful ally in the battle against pet odours. When weather permits, open your windows and doors to let in fresh air. Not only does this help eliminate stuffy smells, but it also clears your home of indoor pollutants. Fresh air not only smells delightful but also contributes to a healthier living environment.

Resparkle: Your Natural Allies

Resparkle Natural Laundry Powder and Organic Disinfectant are your secret weapons against pet odours. The Natural Laundry Powder's plant-based formula ensures that your pet's bedding stays fresh and odour-free without the need for harsh chemicals. Meanwhile, the Organic Disinfectant's lab-tested efficacy against germs and odour-causing bacteria makes it an essential addition to your cleaning routine.


Embrace a naturally fresh home that celebrates your pets without compromising on cleanliness or health. With these eco-friendly strategies and Resparkle's products, you're well-equipped to eliminate pet odours from your living spaces. From regular vacuuming to washing bedding and toys, each step contributes to a more inviting environment. So, open those windows, let in the fresh air, and enjoy a home that reflects the love you share with your furry companions.

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