We’re the first to admit there’s no silver bullet to sustainability. The biggest issue with compostable packaging is the end of life options.

There are only 150 composting facilities in Australia and majority don’t have a home compost bin.

That is why we’re thrilled to launch our Return To Earth program. Return your used sachets to us and we will ensure it is turned into useful compost that nourishes our gardens and farms.

We guarantee your refills are kept from the landfill!

Can you help?

We’re thankful for all the community gardens and home compost partners whom we’re partnering to make this a reality.

As more switch to our zero-waste products, we will need more compost bins to keep up with demand!

If you have space in your home compost or part of a community garden, please get in touch at cs@resparkle.com. Our sachets are great at absorbing moisture in your compost bin!