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Natural Dish Wash Kit (1L)

Natural Dish Wash Kit (1L)

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Includes 4 refill sachets = makes 1L of dish soap

Good for:

  • Cutting through cooking grease
  • Sensitive skin
  • Safe for use as fruit wash
  • Plant-based with zero toxins
  • Reducing single-use plastic in your home
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How To Use

Get a more hygienic and effective clean
by applying 4 to 5 shakes of dish liquid
directly onto your sponge.

Naturally gentle on hands

The best dishwashing liquid formulated for sensitive skin. 100% plant-based that is both safe and effective.

Save money and our planet.

The average home goes through 30 single-use plastic bottlesof dish soap in a year. That’s 1710 in a lifetime! Make theeco-friendly switch to our zero waste washing up liquid today.

Old Model

119,700g Plastic
Average supermarket price: $11 p/liter

New Model

0g Plastic
Resparkle price: $7.88 p/liter