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Natural Dish Wash Kit
Fruit & Veggie Wash
What I’m Made Of – Dish Wash Kit
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Natural Dish Wash Kit

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Overview About Ingredients Usage Directions
  • Overview

    Good for:

    Cutting through cooking grease

    Sensitive skin

    + Safe for use as fruit wash

    Plant-based with zero toxins

    Reducing single-use plastic in your home

  • About

  • Ingredients

  • Usage Directions

Save money and our planet.

The average home goes through 30 single-use plastic bottles
of dish soap in a year. That’s 1710 in a lifetime! Make the
eco-friendly switch to our zero waste washing up liquid today.

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Old Me

Average supermarket
price $11 p/liter

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New Me

Resparkle price:
$7.88 p/liter

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gentle on hands

The best dishwashing liquid formulated for
sensitive skin. 100% plant-based that is both
safe and effective.

Best applied
directly on sponge

Get a more hygienic and effective clean
by applying 4 to 5 shakes of dish liquid
directly onto your sponge.


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2 sachets to refill?

Lovely scent, and completely get that it’s a low suds thing, but to discover that 2 sachets are needed for the recommended mix means it’s really not great value compared to the hand wash. Plus, as this is quite a thin mix, it’s easy to go through it quicker than the hand wash. I will be a repeat customer for the hand wash but with the amount of dishes I do, it’s not economical for me to continue getting the dishwashing refills.



Hi Paige Thank you for your feedback. As discussed via email, the costs is based on dosage rather than the number of sachets. The dish wash on per dosage basis is actually cheaper than the hand wash. We've taken on board your feedback and have made the description on our product page clearer. Thanks again for helping us do better. Team Resparkle

Jan J.
Australia Australia


Loving this product. I've had bad dermatitis on my hands and struggling with natural dish detergents, first time using this product and hands don't feel dry and itchy after washing up. I don't mind that it doesn't have a lot of suds I can still feel and hear the squeak on the dishes and that say's it all. A little strange not having a plastic bottle to sqeeze wonder if it wouldn't be easier to have a pump instead, only a thought but still love it. Smells lovely and fresh and mandarin is one of my favourite scents. The silicon covers are lovely and modern and look nice in any room. I'm sold on these products. No waste no plastic a big plus for me.

Australia Australia

so far, so good!

this is the first time i've ever used a natural cleaning product, and so far i'm extremely happy with it! it foams up nicely on my sponge and the bottle looks great on my bench. the smell is really nice and subtle and i haven't had any kind of skin irritation or reaction with it either. it cleans my dishes rather well - i've only noticed a couple of things still felt greasy after washing but i think that was my own fault rather than the cleaner. i have gone through half of it rather quickly but i suspect this is from overfilling the bottle which caused much of my soap to bubble out once i poured the powder in. note to newbies: only half fill your bottle with water! once the bubbles subside you can top it up. all in all, i really like this cleaner and feel great knowing i'm not contributing to excess plastics in landfill and chemicals in waterways.

Australia Australia

Squeaky clean!

I was amazed at how effective the new formula was! This is a low-suds formula which means it cleans effectively and rinses off really well. I like the fact that we don't have to use much to get a good sparkling clean. I have eczema on my hands and this sure didn't set it off. A very good dishwashing liquid. The glass bottle is very sturdy and the silicone sleeve is definitely non-slip. I have it on subscription now :)


Does a fantastic job. Gentle on your hands and a little goes a long way. Love it!

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