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Spray (For replacement only)

Spray (For replacement only)

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*IMPT: There is a limit of 2 units per order and it's based on a need-to-have basis. ie. Please only request a replacement when your spray breaks down.

Free replacement spray as part of our warranty on parts. To enjoy free shipping on your spray, purchase them with any 8-pack refill, bundle, or subscription. .

Please note: This fits our Resparkle All-Purpose bottle.

Why only free shipping of replacements only with an order? Shipping a pump or spray on its own costs us between $6 to $13. So by including it with your next order, it helps us defray the cost, save on transport footprint and keep our free shipping promise. This arrangement will help us (as a small business) offer our warranty for the long term.

You will likely need to top up refills more frequently than you would ever need to replace your pump or spray, so we think it's a win-win! 

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