Recycling The Un-Recyclables Takes A Community

When we launched the Lids4Planters micro-recycling project we had no idea how many people would send in their lids, and we definitely were blown away from the results at our Sorting Party! Over 10,000 plastic lids were sent in to us! We were also very lucky to have some spirited volunteers to help sort the lids into colours for our 3 in 1 planter pots!

There was music, thousands of plastic lids, a gorgeous platter, and huge smiles!

Whilst there are still many lids to be sorted, we couldn’t be happier with the turnout of the event. Each volunteer dedicated their time to help us and to help our planet, and for that, we are so grateful.

In case you missed our earlier emails, the Lids4Planters project aims to recycle bottle lids destined for the landfill into very uniquely designed 3 in 1 planter pots. Events like this one need to happen in order to ensure that plastics are going towards a better use, rather than towards our oceans and environment.

Every year we are producing over 380 Million Tonnes of plastic, with reports indicating that more than 50% of those plastics are single-use (just like plastic lids)! Lid caps are notoriously tricky to recycle as they’re often too small for the recycling machine to pick up. This means that countless plastic lids are ending up in landfills even though they are recyclable.

Here at Resparkle, we want this number to change more than anything and we’re heartened to know there are so many of you, like us, seeking positive change. At our sorting party, we had volunteers of all ages and we got them to share their thoughts on sustainability and why they join us that day.



So now that we’ve sorted all our lids, what happens next?

We are moving on to the design and production stage for our planter pots! As shown below, this is the beautiful planter that your lids become! Who would’ve thought used plastic lids can be made into something so pretty?! Tell us, would you like to help give these pots made from 100% recycled lids a new forever home? We will be releasing these cute pots for pre-orders on Boxing Day!

We’ve designed them to be in a range of different colors – Vote for your favourite! It will help us plan our production.

As a final note, we just wanted to say we’re a small business on a small budget so we’re truly grateful for the community support we received for our Lids4Planters micro-recycling project. It goes to show, you don’t need grand gestures, something as simple and small as picking up that plastic bottle on a beach walk or saving your milk lids to donate to us, will collectively make such a huge impact if every one of us did our part.

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