How to care for your Resparkle products

We want you to enjoy your Resparkle products for as long as possible and to do that, we’ve put together some care instructions to help keep them performing and looking pristine.


1. Clean your bottles regularly

Frequently handling can cause the silicon to look a little worn down. If spot a spot, spot-clean it with some soap and a microfiber cloth (preferably our bamboo ones!). Alternatively, we suggest putting them in your dishwasher for a good cleaning. This will also clean the inside of the bottle.In the dishwasher, please make sure you:
  • empty out any soap from the bottle
  • select a cold water wash

We recommend cleaning your bottles every 2 months.


2. Clean out residues inside the pump or spray

Soap residues will inevitably accumulate inside the pump or spray and this could cause problems if not cleared out.

Simply pump warm clean water through the pump or spray until it runs clear.

We recommend doing this before every refill.


3. Fix the pump sticking problem 

If your foaming pump seems to be sticking or it’s hard to pump. We’ve made this video to show you how you could fix this problem.

Watch video here.


4. Spray leaking

If you’ve kept the spray bottle upright and the liquid is still leaking through the nozzle, this is likely due to the trapped Co2 released when the powder was dissolving.
The easy fix is to leave the bottle uncapped overnight to let the gases out.


5. How to store your refill sachets 

Because home compostable materials are not air or moisture tight (unlike plastic), here are a few important storage suggestions for your unused refills.

  1. Store them in a air-tight container or zip lock bag
  2. Store them in a dry location and away from moisture eg. bathrooms, under the kitchen sink, laundry room.
  3. Store them away from sunlight

Moisture will cause the powder to become clumpy. This should not affect the performance but if you are concerned, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


Our warranty on parts

If you’ve tried the above and your pump or sprays are still not working as they should, we are happy to say – we have a warranty on parts!
We have listed our sprays and pumps as FREE and to get them shipped for free, simply order them with any 8-pack refill, subscription, or bundle.
We’re committed as you are to keep as little waste going into the bin as possible. If you have any concerns or feedback, once again our inbox is always open (


What to do with your faulty pump or spray? 

Pumps & sprays are the most tricky item to recycle and they cannot go in your recycle bin.

The only way to recycle them is with Terracycle! You can drop them off in-store at participating Terracycle pick-up locations such as David Jones, and Sephora stores.




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