3 laundry hacks that saves you money, time and planet

While washing and drying your clothes make your life cleaner, the impact of modern laundry methods is actually making the planet dirtier. We’re going to make your laundry routine a whole load better with 3 laundry hacks so you can save yourself money, energy, time–and a whole lotta’ waste

1. Save time: Wash & Iron less 

Yes you read this right. 

To save both time and energy use, we suggest to only wash your clothes when it’s actually necessary. This will also help the longevity of your clothes.

If your garment hasn’t been put through a sweaty workout or a morning coffee spill incident, you can definitely wear them more than once before throwing them into the washing machine. 

For clothes that are not too dirty but slightly wrinkled after use, check out this eco-friendly laundry hack that doesn’t involve washing or ironing your garment again. 

We’ve put together a simple visual guide showing how often you should wash various types of clothes.

2. Save money - Are you paying too much for your laundry detergent?

It’s an industry secret that alot of supermarket laundry detergents are loaded with fillers that do nothing in terms of cleaning. Fillers are usually either water or chemical-version of sand are just there to make you think you’re getting a good deal for that 10kg pack for only $10. 

We’re lifting the lid on how much you’re actually spending on each laundry load. 

Moral of the story? Pay attention to cost per wash instead of how big a pack you’re getting. We've put together a quick comparison below:

Affordable laundry detergent


3. Save the planet - Switch to eco-friendly laundry detergent

The vast majority of conventional laundry detergents contain toxic chemicals, which are harmful to the health of humans and animals as well as the environment. Conventional laundry products often contain optical whiteners, phosphates and other toxic additives which can cause algal blooms and negatively affect ecosystems and marine life. Not only do these chemicals make their way into groundwater, and harm surrounding plant growth, but they can cause chemical reactions in our bodies, like asthma or skin irritation. 

Resparkle’s detergent powder is one of the very few laundry detergents that is made of 100% natural ingredients. Using a patented pro-biotic technology, it is not only effective against stains, odours, it has also been proven to kill 99% of bacteria. You can even use it to clean your washing machine! 

If this is not enough to convince you to make the switch, it won double awards for best eco-friendly laundry detergent at the 2020 Australian Non-Toxic Awards.

Keen to make the switch to Resparkle's Natural Laundry Powder and start saving time, money and planet? Head over to this link.

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