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The holidays are coming up. And whether that means hosting family and friends, cooking up a big festive dinner, or taking a road trip to get away from it all, we know it’s a special time of year. Chances are, it’s also an opportunity to shower your loved ones with a pressie or two.

If there’s an environmentally conscious friend or green goddess on your list, here are gift ideas that are sure to dazzle them. The best part of all? These presents give back to the planet as well. And yes, you can get these for yourself!

Here are our top picks for zero waste gifts that give back.
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1. ONYA Reusable bulk food bags

If you’re part of the war against one-time use plastic, you know that excessive packaging is one of the big culprits. Shopping at bulk food stores for your essentials is a great way to combat waste from packaged goods. But what if you don’t want to carry around bulky containers or fragile glass?
Meet ONYA’s handy bulk food bags. They take zero waste to the next level. They come in three handy sizes suitable for whatever you’re shopping for — grains, beans, or let’s be honest, chocolate covered almonds. They are BPA free, toxin free and made from recycled materials.


2. Sustomi Beeswax wraps

Plastic cling wrap was invented by the devil. Okay, it wasn’t actually, but this flimsy wrap is usually used once (or twice if it’s lucky) and then tossed to the bin. Not only does plastic take hundreds of years to break down, it also leaches toxic chemicals into the earth. Next time you need to wrap up an avocado or pack a sammie, use Sustomi’s Beeswax Wraps. They come in different sizes and keep food fresh.


3. {SIMPLE as that} Skincare matcha mask

Have you heard of the benefits of matcha for skin? This ethically sourced green tea powder is rich in antioxidants and is a great detoxifier for your face. Using artificially created beauty products on our body is not only harmful for us, but our waterways as well. This matcha mask comes in a reusable glass jar, reducing plastic waste. SIMPLE as that is also vegan, fair trade and suitable for sensitive skin.


4. Evergreen reusable stainless steel lunchbox

Packing takeaway and leftovers just got way better as well, with this lock-a-box stainless steel lunchbox. It replaces plastic and styrofoam takeaway containers and even comes with a compartment for dips or sides. Reduce your one time use plastic by using this instead. The best part of all, stainless doesn’t keep scents or odours.


5. Elkie & Ark sustainable linen

How do you give the wonderful gift of sleep? That’s right, you gift a really comfy and luxurious fair trade sleep set! Oh, and did we mention Elkie and Ark is made from ethically sourced organic cotton? This set is what dreams are made of, it’s sustainably sourced and made. The fabric is organic and toxin free. Loved by Vogue and Huffington Post, it’s a gift that’s good for people and planet.


6. Mojo Candle Co.

Give glass beer and wine bottles a new life with Mojo Candle Co’s soy candles. These hand poured candles are made from reclaimed bottles and feature delightful natural scents. This company partners with local restaurants, pubs and bars in Sydney to repurpose these bottles. These reclaimed wine bottle candles are hand cut, filled with soy and topped with a cork topper. Perfect for a night in or to set the mood at dinnertime.


7. SoL coffee cups

Say no to disposable cups by bringing your own mug! One time use paper and plastic cups are one of the most commonly found items in the landfill. These gorgeous coffee cups are made from hand blown glass and can be reused over and over! SoL’s elegant and practical design are perfect for your morning cuppa joe.


8. Resparkle Botanical Air Spray

Refresh your space naturally with our Botanical Air Sprays. These NASAA certified organic scents are perfect for the powder room, kitchen, or to create a serene and relaxing mood in the bedroom. Even better, 50% of proceeds from all sales support Global Sisters. This not for profit organisation empowers women to achieve financial independence through business mentorship and support. Even better, these sprays are part of our Healthy Home for the Holidays bundle, a host-approved gift for the season.


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