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Buying seasonal produce isn’t only delicious, it’s sustainable. When we choose better and buy what’s in season, we’re saying no to modern food processing techniques which are harmful for our bodies and shocking for the environment.

Pesticides And Your Health

In today’s society, we forget that not everything is available all year round. While technology makes it possible for us to eat watermelon all year, it doesn’t mean we *should* be eating watermelon throughout each season. We can thank the use of chemicals, synthetic fertilisers and pesticides for our abundant variety of treated fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, the use of these chemicals is damaging to our environment, wildlife and health.

Studies have investigated the link between pesticides and the following health issues:

Skin, eye and lung issues: Pesticides can result in irritation for some people causing issues with skin, eye and respiratory health.

Cancer: Studies have shown there is a direct link between pesticides and types of cancer including: childhood leukemia, brain cancer and lymphoma.

Hormone disruption: Pesticides can impact reproduction and fertility with studies showing the chemicals disrupt estrogens, thyroid and androgens.   

Neurodevelopmental issues: Exposure to pesticides prenatally and in children has been investigated as a source of behavioural problems, impaired motor skills and neurodevelopmental delays.

Learn more about the negative effects of pesticides on your health here.

The Sustainable Choice

In our bid to reduce our carbon footprint in Australia, we’ve implemented a zero-plastic packaging policy. And honestly? We wish modern supermarkets would take note. Along with mass producing our fruit and veggies, they’ve also taken to pre-wrapping produce in additional plastic to encourage bulk purchasing. This is not only horrible for the environment, it encourages food waste.

Delve about the real reason supermarkets use so much plastic here.

Did you know plastic waste generated by Australians each year can go round the world 7.5 times?! It’s easy to see why when we see examples like this. Unnecessary packaging, waste and consumerism can change this statistic significantly.

Buy From The Source

Buying ethically supports our local farmers who employ sustainable farming methods. Instead of being lured by the big three supermarkets, we suggest researching your local farmers market and buying seasonal produce. It’s healthier for you and the planet to buy from the source and you’ll actually save money!

In addition to saving resources, eating seasonally is a better choice for your health! You see, fruits and vegetables in season actually retain more nutrients than mass-produced out of season offerings.

Aligning your purchasing to what nature intended keeps the balance with the earth’s resources and life forms too.

What’s in season – Summer

As you can see, the benefits of seasonal shopping and dining are endless. If you’re keen to make the switch this summer, good on you! Here’s what you can find at your local markets now.


Regardless of the source, we always recommend washing your fruit and vegetables prior to consuming them. Bacteria and mould are the cause of rotting produce.


Our Natural Fruit & Vegetable Wash eliminates the bacteria and harmful pathogens like mould so your food can stay fresh and healthy for longer.












The natural spray kills 99% of pathogens that cause food poisoning and preserves produce freshness. It breaks down and removes pesticides and is NASAA certified for organic inputs. Learn more about the Natural Fruit & Vegetable Wash here.

Let us know, what’s your favourite fruit or veggie this season?

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