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Unfortunately, toxic chemicals are found in most cleaning products. Some products are much more damaging than others. Today, we’d like to focus on the everyday oven cleaner.

For years, large cleaning companies have led you to believe the strength of the cleaning agent is shown by the severity of the smell. Inhaling it makes you cough, wheeze and splutter. We’re here to tell you, that slight burning feeling you get in your lungs when you breathe it in, is proof that these cleaners should not be sold for domestic use. They are damaging to your health and home.

So, what makes them so harmful? Toxic ingredients. Add those toxins to a confined space, commonly used for family meal times and you have yourself a big health hazard.

Toxic chemicals in oven cleaners  

What chemicals are most commonly found in oven cleaners and what effects do they have on your body? Here are the top few ingredients found to avoid.

Ethanolamine can cause eye damage and severe skin burns. It cannot be swallowed or inhaled and will irritate skin allergies.

Morpholine is damaging to your skin, harmful to your eyes and can cause long term respiratory problems if inhaled.

Liquified & Sweetened Petroleum Gasses have been linked to the development of cancer.

Butoxydiglycol is harmful to respiratory systems, can cause cancer and has a negative effect on reproductive systems. Further to this, it can damage vision, the digestive system and the nervous system.

Sodium Hydroxide is a skin and allergen irritant and can cause vision damage. Further to this, exposure can harm the respiratory system.

A better way

We want to dispel the myth that you need toxic chemical laden cleaners to remove tough stains. None of these chemicals should be in your home or around your family. Instead, we’ve made it a personal mission of ours to show you (actions speak louder than words after all!) that you can clean your oven effectively using 100% plant powered products.

This oven was cleaned with our Ultimate Natural All Purpose Cleaning Kit which is made of all the good stuff. Not a nasty chemical in sight! Our ingredients list is something we’re *truly* proud of. Nothing but Purified Water, Bioflavonoid Blend (Bitter Orange Extracts), Glycerine and Lemon Essential Oil.

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