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by Diana Tencic

It’s not uncommon to read headlines ” our kids are getting fatter and are inactive” Yes a recent survey by the national heart foundation found that a massive 85% of children are inactive.

Our environments and lifestyles are becoming less accommodating to leading active lives. We are over scheduled working harder than ever before.

So where do we start ?

At Body be Well we try and keep it simple.

1) Lead by example.

When you are active your children are likely to follow.

 2) Think of exercise as being active.

IMG_1964Exercise is not all about high interval training or sprints. Active spontaneous play is just as important as structured . We utilise our park . From playing on the equipment ourselves ️(yes grown ups) to playing old fashioned childhood games such as follow the leader , what’s the time mr wolf and plain old chasey. We balance on the boundaries of play equipment-great proprioceptive   work – or having jumping competitions – ploy metric work ! You will be pleasantly surprised by how much joy adult participation can bring.

 3) Switch off devices

Our children do not own iPads we allow very limited screen time about one hour on weekends. This is how we roll. We do however turn our radio on and let loose !

 4) Encourage your children.

FamFitthumbnailWe encourage you to give activities a go . We are so controlled by playground rules in most schools and as a result some of our children are losing their ability to be creative in the playground. Remember climbing a tree? Playing tennis against a wall ? Encourage and participate in general exploration . Take walks to lush playgrounds or just explore your streetscape .

Praise endeavours. we don’t need to give eve child a ribbon However acknowledgement for there efforts can create positive fitness change !

Above all else give it a go .

Stay well



Diana-Tencic-Body-Be-WellDIANA TENCIC is a Food and Fitness Coach and founder of Body be Well.

Over 16 years experience in health and fitness have taught Diana the essential role of food in the health and fitness balance. Food coaching has allowed her to combine her passions for food, fitness, teaching and helping people realise goals they may never have imagined for themselves.


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