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Spring is in the air. A time for a change and a great time to start getting our bodies moving!

What makes things harder is when you’re trying to get back into shape after the birth of your baby! All women, no matter what age, shape or fitness, experience incredible physical change during pregnancy. It definitely does takes some time to return to your pre-pregnant fitness level and shape.

Luckily we’ve Diana from BodybeWell to provide you with some top tips on keeping fit and getting in shape for you mamas out there.



  1. If exercise was a part of your life prior to baby and you have been given the all clear by your practitioner then the general rule thumb is 6 weeks post baby for a normal vaginal birth.
  2. We recommend a gentle return to exercise with the focus being on pelvic floor and gentle body conditioning. So think fit ball squats and lying hip raises.
  3. Going for daily walks clear the mind and is a fantastic way to fit cardio into your day.
  4. Start slow going for 15 minute walks. If there is no pain or discomfort then increase the time by 5 minutes.
  5. Exercise with a friend. This could be going for walks together or doing a mini circuit in the park for 15-20 minutes. This creates wonderful interactions with other mums and a lovely endorphin release.
  6. If you budget allows for it hire a personal trainer who can write you a tailored program and then have them review it for you after 6-8 weeks. This is a great way to create accountability and have an experienced person create a specific fitness program to suit you needs and fitness goals.
  7. Above all else be kind to yourself! There is no rush or right time. Finding the time can be challenging enough so we are firm believers in setting small achievable goals. Energy levels can be low with lack of sleep,breastfeeding,tending to household needs plus for some getting ready to enter the work force.

If you are in need of further fitness post baby advice you can contact us at

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