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Each day we wake up to the gift of a clean slate and a chance to begin afresh. How we begin our day can have a huge impact on our mental and physical wellbeing and quality of life. Even the simplest habits can accumulate into huge health benefits over time. Here’s a 3 minute yoga sequence you can do every morning at home to ensure you get your day off right.

3 minute Morning Yoga Sequence 

1. Standing Forward Bend; Stand in Tadasana (mountain pose); Plank

Morning Yoga
2. Chaturanga; Upward facing dog; Downward facing dog; High lunge

Morning Yoga Part 2

3. One-legged downward facing dog ; Warrior two

Morning Yoga 3


Finally, return to original position. Tip: Focus on your breath and be fully present as you go through the sequence. By doing so you are practising a form of moving meditation.


Yoga outfit by Fire and Shine

Model: Frederika, yoga instructor at One Hot Yoga

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