Natural Baby Laundry & Soaker 500g
(60 Washes)

4.91 out of 5
(11 customer reviews)

$14.90 $13.45

Powerful, 100% Natural Laundry Detergent formulated for young, sensitive skin and highly soiled garments. Removes stains and dirt without leaving residues that can irritate baby’s skin.


  • 3X Concentrated for Value
  • 2-in-1 Laundry & Soaker
  • Removes Stains & Neutralize Odours
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Cleans your Washing Machine
  • Hypoallergenic



  • Certified by NASAA for Organic Inputs.
  • Soya Bean Extracts
  • Pure Soap Powder
  • Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhdrate (Hydrogen Peroxide)
  • Green Tea Extracts
  • Grapefruit Extracts
  • Citric Acid

Additional information

Weight 541 g
Dimensions 45 x 190 x 240 cm


  1. 4.91 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    My 5 month old daughter suffers from eczema and I have been looking for an organic natural baby laundry wash (that actually works!) AND I FOUND IT!
    Works well and is still sensitive enough for her. Great product

  2. 4.91 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I work in family daycare and am using this product to soak face washers and bibs and it’s amazing! Stains are a thing of the past!

  3. 4.91 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Works well and love that it is safe to use

  4. 4.91 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This product is awesome. Don’t know how I did without it. Will definitely buy again

  5. 4.91 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    My Son has terrible eczema and we have struggled to find something that was gentle for his skin but that would also actually clean his clothes. Finally we have found a winner!! My next order will be for the bulk buy! Thank you!!

  6. 4.91 out of 5

    This eco-friendly product did a great job.! I’m definitely impressed and satisfied.

  7. 4.91 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I was impressed. How could a natural cleaner work as well as a chemical one? Well it does..
    Just need a stain remover bottle version and I would be so happy!

  8. 4.91 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I soak very stained clothes with the baby powder and it works a treat!! I’m surprised how white clothes come clean! Highly recommended for the whole family

  9. 4.91 out of 5

    Nice and gentle on clothes and baby’s skin but cleans well. Dosage is also nice and small, no waste here!

  10. 4.91 out of 5

    Both my little boys suffer with bad eczema!! I am so beyond grateful to have discovered this product as it helps their skin so much. Will never use anything else ?

  11. 4.91 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    So impressed, by it’s cleaning capacity, whilst actually caring for the textiles, as well? Clothes have improved, everything looks cleaner, and feels better. Using this, for stain removal, as well. My ‘go to’ cleaner at present, with sensitive skin, and recovering from Multi Organ Failure, this product, and others, I have tried in this range, have gone a long way, to helping me, on the road to recovery. I am sold! Thank you so much.🌺

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