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Every year, thousands of plastic cleaning bottles end up in the landfill. They litter the earth, and leach toxins into the soil. This concept made us furious and ask, why does “traditional” cleaning have to be so dirty?

At Resparkle, our natural cleaning products are not just good for your home — they’re good for our planet too. We made it our mission to change the concept around cleaning, which is how our zero waste initiative was born. We encourage all our customers to participate in our Refill-Return Program.

Together, we can divert waste from the landfill. Plus, for every A4 sized envelope of refills you return, you’ll earn RS$2.00 in your member account to help offset your postage cost.

How do I return the liquid refill pouch?

  1. Give your refill pouches a good rinse and allow them to dry.
  2. Download and complete our Refill Pouch Return Form.
  3. Place the empty pouches and completed form in an appropriate sized envelope and post to:


  4. Please send the pouches in a large envelope, such as size A4, where you will be able to fit 4 to 5 pouches. Do not stack the spout corners on top of each other. This will ensure you don’t exceed Australia Post’s letter height restriction of 2 cm (the spouts are 1.4 cm).

How do I recycle the laundry zipper bag or liquid refill pouch?

  1. Empty your laundry zipper bag.
  2. Rinse out your liquid refill pouch and allow to dry.
  3. Bring them to any REDcycle collection location. You can find your closest drop-off location here.

How do I recycle the refill pods?

  1. Remove as much foil as possible from the underside of the pod.
  2. Dispose both the pod and foil into your recycling bin.


We want to make it easy for you to choose zero waste. Our handy Starters Kits come with a reusable aluminium bottle and returnable refill pouches. All products that come in a liquid refill pouch can be sent back to us via post. This includes refill pouches of our Natural Hand Wash, Natural Dish Wash, Natural Fruit & Vegetable Wash, Natural Floor Cleaner Concentrate and the Natural Commercial Grade Disinfectant. The empty pouches are sanitized and refilled. For safety reasons, we replace the screw cap. Simple, right?

For each A4 envelope of refill pouch you return, your member account will be credited with $2.00 RS Reward Points. This will help offset your postage cost.

Download our Refill Pouch Return Form here.


We have partnered with REDcycle, an Australian company that turns soft plastics and plastic bags into useful recycled plastic products. This results in post-consumer plastic playgrounds, fitness circuits, outdoor furniture and even roads! REDcycle ensures that collected plastic does not end up in landfill, but has a second life.

Our Natural Laundry Powder and Natural Baby Laundry & Soaker zipper bags, and all liquid refill pouches can be recycled through REDcycle’s program.

You can find your closest drop-off location here.


Our refill pods can be collected through Australia’s kerbside recycling collection. This includes the Natural All Purpose Refill Pod and the Natural Nursery & Toy Cleaner Refill Pod. These pods can be included in your weekly recycling collection

Thanks for being part of our zero waste mission!