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It’s that time of the year again. And if you’re like us, it’s that time of year you want to deep clean the whole house so friends and family don’t see the way we actually live! But why spend so much time worrying about cleaning when you could be spending quality time with loved ones? Here are some quick and easy cleaning hacks you can do in moments to spruce up your place.

1. If you only have 15 minutes before guests arrive, tidy and declutter, don’t clean

Use a laundry basket to pick up and store stuff lying around the house. Guests are more likely to notice a pile of bills and papers on your dining table than a sparkling clean stove.


2. Naturally fragrance your bathroom
Add a few drops of essential oils into the cardboard insert of the toilet paper. This will leave a beautiful scent in the bathroom. Our fave? Australian lavender of course!


3. Don’t skimp on toilet paper during the festive season
 It is critical that your bathroom is well-stocked with T.P. Before guests arrive, put a full roll on the dispenser and display a few more rolls, spa-style, where guests can easily access them — don’t hide them in a closet or under the sink.


4. Place odour control options in the bathroom

This includes a toilet bowl cleaner near the toilet bowl or visible from the toilet bowl — to help your guest avoid embarrassing bathroom situations. Another great option? Place our Natural Botanical Air Spray in your powder room for guests to use.


5. BONUS: For when you poo-bombed your best friend’s toilet
Don’t want to leave an embarrassing smell behind? Pump a few squirts of hand wash into the toilet bowl. Do a quick clean with toilet brush & flush. Most hand wash has a pleasantly strong fragrance so you leave the loo clean and clean smelling.


What’s your quick clean hack for the holidays?

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