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Ms Swirly Pot (100% recycled)

Ms Swirly Pot (100% recycled)



PRE-ORDER SALE (Delivery ETA Apr 2022)

We need 100 forever homes for Ms. Swirly Pot, can you help?

These cute planter pots are made from 100% recycled plastic lids. Lids were donated from people across Australia as part of our Lids4Planters project to recycle the unrecyclable.

Good for:

  • Saving plastic lids destined for the landfill
  • Self-watering feature
  • Base can be used separately to grow micro-herbs or re-grow food waste

*images are an illustration of how the pots will look like. We aim to make the actual pots as close as possible to the images.


PRE-ORDER SALE (Delivery ETA Mar 2022)

In July, we embarked on a mission to recycle the unrecyclable with our Lids4Planters project. We asked our community to collect and donate used plastic lids to us. We had a target of 2500 lids and we exceeded this target by over 15,000!

We’re now giving these lids destined for the landfill a second life as these cute planter pots. We’ve named her Ms. Swirly Pot and she needs a forever home. Each pot will save approximately 150 lids. We have about 15,000 lids which means we need to find a home for 100 Ms. Swirly Pots. Can you give her a forever home?

We’ve designed her so she’s a little special, she can be used either as a:

  1. Self-watering pot (handy for forgetful plant-killers)
  2. Use the base to grow micro-herbs and the top, as a regular pot
  3. Use the base to re-grow food waste (eg. Bok choy!) and the top, as a regular pot

If you are a kindy/school/business and would like to purchase more than 8 pots, please get in touch ( so we can work out a special discount for you.


Made from 100% recycled plastic lids donated by Aussies across the country.

Recycling is processed by a micro-recycler based in Melbourne.

Usage Directions

To use as a self-watering pot:

  1. Insert rope provided into the hole of the upper section of pot.
  2. Fill base section of pot with water
  3. Place upper section on top of the base, ensuring one end of the rope is fully submerged in water

To use to grow micro-herb or re-grow food waste

  1. Use the base section of the pot to grow micro-herbs or re-grow food waste
  2. Upper section can be used as a regular pot
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Recycling The

Plastic lids are tricky to recycle due to their small size. Thanks to our community, we collected over 15,000 plastic lids destined for the landfill.

Sorting party

Bring Ms
Swirly Pot Home

Through our micro-recycling project these used lids are reborn as Ms Swirly Pot and she needs a new home!

Every Ms Swirly Pot helps save
approximately 150 lids from the landfill.

lids pot image

3 in 1 Planter Pot

Ms Swirly Potty can multitask like no other!


Behind the Scenes

Thank you to everyone who volunteered for our Lids4Planters sorting part