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Natural Fruit & Vegetable Wash Starter Pack


+ Kills 99.9% of pathogens that cause food poisonings

+ Preserves produce freshness

+ Breakdown & removes pesticides

+ 100% natural & food-grade ingredients

+ NASAA certified for organic inputs




A 100% plant powered fruit and vegetable wash is effective in removing pesticides and food pathogens. The anti-bacterial properties help preserve produce freshness.

  1. 250ml Reusable Aluminum Natural Fruit & Vegetable Wash Bottle (empty)
  2. Natural Fruit & Vegetable Wash Refill Pouch

How to use:

To clean: Spray produce liberally, soak in clean water to rinse off pesticides and dirt.

To preserve freshness: Spray on produce and store. Do not rinse.

+ Purified water

+ Bioflavonoid Blend (Bitter Orange Extracts):  EWG rating 1

What is the EWG score?

The EWG score is a hazard score ranging from 1-2 (low hazard), 3-6 (moderate hazard) and 7-10 (high hazard) published by the Environmental Working Group. Their data is sourced studies published in the open scientific literature.

Learn more on the EWG website. 


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