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Natural Floor Cleaner Concentrate 500ml Refill


+ pH neutral & non corrosive once diluted.

+ Suitable for all flooring surfaces

+ only 15ml per 5L bucket of water

+ No toxic residues: Human & pet safe

+ NASAA certified: 100% Natural




Floor cleaners are some of the worst offenders when it comes to harsh chemicals. But with Resparkle’s 100% certified-organic, super-concentrated floor cleaner, you can tackle toxic load & tough marks at the same time, all while infusing your home with a delicious lemon & mint scent!

Replenish your Reusable Natural Floor Cleaner Concentrate Bottle with this planet friendly 500ml refill pouch. Join our zero-plastic waste mission by disposing your used pouches at any Redcycle stations or send them back to us for us to reuse.

Where to REDcycle:


+ Purified Water

+ Bioflavonoid Blend (Bitter Orange Extracts):  EWG rating 1

+ Glycerine: EWG rating 2

+ Mint Essential Oil: EWG rating 1 


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