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Healthy Kitchen, Healthy Planet

$54.30 $48.00

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+ 100% Natural and plant-based ingredients
+ NASAA certified for organic inputs
+ Reusable aluminium bottle 
+ Refillable or recyclable refill pouch
+ Fruit & Veg Wash kills 99.9% of pathogens that cause food poisonings

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This bundle is the perfect place to start your kitchen detox and zero waste journey. The reusable bottles mean you’re diverting plastic from the landfill and our Refill-Return program lets you save on costs. Our ultra-concentrated Hand and Dish Wash organic formulas cuts through tough germs while remaining soft on skin.

The Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash is effective in removing pesticides and food pathogens. The anti-bacterial properties help preserve produce freshness.

Plus, our 100% copper, scratch-free scrubber helps you scour away grease, grime and more. It’s effective on stainless steel/cast iron/ceramic pots & pans, oven, BBQs and even tile grout.

This bundle contains:
Natural Dish Wash Liquid Starter Pack x 1
Natural Hand Wash Liquid Starter Pack x 2
Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash Starter Pack x 1
Power Up Copper Scrubber Set of 2

Go zero waste with our Refill-Return program! You can return your liquid pouches for a refill and earn $RS credit, learn more about it here.


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