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Caps and closures are notoriously hard to recycle. Lids for example are often too small for recycling machines to pick up. As a result, lids often get sorted into the landfill stream. 

Resparkle is excited to launch our Lids4Planters project to keep plastic lids from our landfill. We’re recycling the lids and turning them into beautiful 3 in 1 planter pots!

Our pots are designed to have multiple uses:
1. Re-grow food waste
2. Self-watering pots 
3. Grow micro-herbs

Group 419
Group 420

To Make This A Reality,
We Need Your Help!

Rally your co-workers, schools, friends & families to help collect lids to fill 1 medium-sized Australia-Post bag. 

As a thank you, you will receive a $15 store voucher that can be used to purchase your plastic-busting Resparkle goodies.

You will get the first $5 simply by registering your interest in participating. The next $10 will be sent once we receive your bag of used lids.

potplant mockup 2

How Our 3 in 1
Planter Pots Look Like

Group 430
micro herbs

How To Participate

  1. 1.  Register your intention to be part of this recycling project. You will receive an email with more instructions and also a $5 store voucher.
  1. 2.  Start collecting! To reduce carbon footprint from multiple small packages, we encourage you to rally your friends, co-workers and send them in a medium/large sized Australia Post Sachet Bag.
  1. 3.  Mail the lids to us with your name and email address. Once we receive your package, we will send you an email with another $10 store voucher to spend online!

image 11

What You Can
Recycle With Us

You can send us washed and dry used plastic lids from:

  • Water bottles
  • Milk bottles
  • Shampoo caps (not pumps)
  • Body wash bottle caps (not pumps)

Note: Please do not send us soap pumps or trigger sprays. These are made of mixed materials and can be recycled with TerraCycle (avoid putting them in your recycle bin!)