Lids2Resparkle - help keep lids from our landfills & be rewarded

Hey earth lovers!

Welcome to Resparkle’s crusade to make plastic history, for good.

We’re not only on a mission to plastic-free your home, we want to do our part in dealing with pesky plastic waste that’s hard to avoid. Like lids!  Lids for example are notoriously hard to recycle. They are often too small for recycling machines to pick up. As a result, lids often get sorted into the landfill stream. 

This is why we’ve set up a Lids2Resparkle initiative to keep plastic lids from our landfill.

Simply collect & send us your used lids and we’ll credit your Resparkle rewards account $10 (1000 points) for being earth-lovers!

We’re excited to be partnering up with 2 Aussie-owned recycling plants who guarantees the lids are given a second FOREVER life.

Sounds good? Scroll down to learn what you need to do and importantly our sorting guidelines. 

Sorting party
Group 420

What do I need to do?

1. Rally your co-workers, schools, friends & families to help collect a full box of lids (you can reuse your Resparkle box!)

2. Ensure the lids comply with our sorting guidelines below.

3. Send your box full of CLEAN lids along with your name and email address to: 37/442 Geelong Road, West Footscray Vic 3012.

4. Once we receive your box, we will add 1000 points ($10 credit) to your Resparkle account. You will receive an email confirming this so please make sure your email address is clearly written.


Recycling Guidelines

You can help ensure the lids are ready for recycling by following some simple guidelines. 

  • Only send us lids with codes 2 or 4. Tip: Do the squeeze test! These are usually soft and easy to bend between your fingers.  
  • Ensure they’re CLEAN – no food bits, no labels, remove the foam inserts.  Tip: You can machine wash them – Put the lids into a wash bag and wash them in a washing machine. 
  • Small lids only – they should be  no larger than the size of milk lids 
  • Do not send pumps or sprays. These are made of mixed materials and can be recycled with TerraCycle.
  • Color sort them: If you can spare a few extra minutes, we’d also be grateful if you can help sort the lids by colour.