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Founder of Naturally Home

Founder of Naturally Home

In the first week of our Live Healthy Every Day challenge, it’s apt that we spotlight Danielle Shirley, a mother of 3 beautiful daughters and a registered pharmacist, as our Inspiring Mama for September.

Professionally, some know her as the ‘Herbal Pharmacist’ with a passion for nutrition, herbs, low tox living and finding solutions to chronic health issues beyond drugs. Danielle’s purpose is to share the awareness and knowledge she has gained, to help others achieve healthier lives, using balance.

She is also the founder of Naturally home, a gorgeous online store, providing Australian made, safe, plant based cleaning alternatives for the home, super foods, sunscreens, repellents, baby care and certified organic skincare. She is passionate about creating awareness about the importance of reducing toxins in our everyday lives (lowering our body burden), by making our homes safer sanctuaries through wiser product choices.

In an exclusive interview with Danielle, she shares with Resparkle what drives her passion and her lifestyle choice to live healthier every day.


1. What does living a chemical free lifestyle mean to you? What prompted you to ‘switch to safer’?

Natural livingLiving a chemical free lifestyle to me, means awareness about making safer choices about what we put IN and ON our bodies. It begins with purchasing fresh, real food, from farmer’s markets. Certified organic fruits, nuts and vegetables are staples in my kitchen. No processed, packaged food, laden with synthetic chemicals, colourings or preservatives. Buying grass fed meats from the market or from our good old fashioned local butcher, organic free range chicken and fresh wild salmon is also a must. I have have three daughters,so packing fresh lunches and baking homemade treats from quality ingredients such as raw cacao, cocoa butter, coconut sugar, organic eggs and sprouted wholegrain spelt flour is part of my routine. I value nourishing my family as one of my highest priorities and I value having a home that is free of products that contain any toxic chemicals. All the cleaning products, personal care products, shampoos, conditioners, skincare, sunscreens, repellents, perfumes, hand soaps, air fresheners etc in my home are simple, plant based, essential oil based, safer alternatives to the conventional products found in supermarketers and department stores.

There were a number of reasons I was prompted to ‘switch to safer’. Along my journey to give myself and my family the best chance of a healthy, disease free life, we adopted a lifestyle rich in real foods, exercise, sunshine, using herbs as medicines and creating a ‘low tox’ home environment. I began to read labels on all the products I brought into my home and was shocked to discover most ingredients in supermarket cleaning products and conventional skincare and perfume ranges were full of toxic chemicals. What would be the long term impact of using these products day in and day out upon my three daughters? How would they affect our hormones, our liver, our lungs, our skin and our nervous systems? I began to research safer options. I decided to ‘opt out of the human experiment’ as much as I possibly could. I knew we couldn’t wrap ourselves in a bubble or become overly paranoid, as there were many things out of our control – the air we breathed, the ocean oil spills, radiation form mobile phone towers and so on.

However, we had TOTAL control over the products we chose to bring through our front door. The cleaning products, dishwasher powders, perfumes, air fresheners, toothpastes, deodorants, laundry detergents, candles, insect repellents, sunscreens, baby care and so on. I began to actively seek out plant based, natural and certified organic alternatives and gradually ‘switched to safer’.

2 .Tell us a little about how Naturally Home began.

After taking 8 months out with our kids on the trip of a lifetime – a trip around Australia in a caravan (crazy, but amazing!,) I discovered many more Australian made alternatives. After returning, I was more passionate than ever to support small Australian businesses, so I developed a website, . I wanted to offer an easy way for busy people to access safe, effective, Australian made alternatives and deliver them to their doorsteps. I was passionate about sharing what I had learnt in my research and wanted other families to awaken to living a ‘low tox’ life by ‘switching to safer’.

If consumers knew that many of the chemicals found in the products they brought home to their families could be contributing to hormone disruptive disorders, asthma, allergy, eczema and even cancer, they would change their behaviour. Consumers can become very powerful players in changing the course of events in their lifetime – by making safer product and food choices, they simultaneously have profound effects on the health of their children, themselves and OUR PLANET.

3. Tell us 3 things that you swear by.

Healthy sun exposure for adequate vitamin D production.( I am a barefoot beach lover)

Spending time in nature, meditation,long hugs with loved ones and unscheduled Sundays to uplift the soul!

Andrographis complex, high dose Vit C, Zinc and homemade chicken soup for fighting colds.


For Resparkle’s Live Healthy Every Day competition, Danielle has generously contributed a $100 voucher to spend on her online store

To win this and a $1,000 Grand Prize, simply share a photo of how you live healthy every day here:

Live Healthy Every Day Challenge

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