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evs and penny

Written by Penny from Well Being Business, a site providing a healthy dose of dynamic ideas for small businesses.





WellbeingImageWhat are the benefits of oil pulling? Should I be doing facial yoga? Powdered or grated turmeric? Finding the gold nuggets of information and weeding out the wellness waffle can be daunting.

When I started Well Being Business I had the time and resources to read everything that caught my eye and might interest my readers… now, not so much! I’ve become ruthless in my selection of incoming info and I’m going to share how you can do the same.



Collecting Points

In the medical profession there are a certain number of points a practitioner must accumulate each year to demonstrate they are staying abreast of new research.

Does anyone else feel like they deserve to get professional development points for their ongoing research on all topics to do with their family’s health and wellbeing? I could do with at least a day a month to digest all the latest information on vitamins for children.

Failing the government deeming it necessary to give mothers a day off for development, here’s the next best thing; my tips on curating a steady stream of reliable information.

If you need to know (or just want to know) what’s new in the world of natural remedies, eco principles, nourishing recipes and products you have to be plugged in. It’s about being choosy so you keep the high-quality info coming in without feeling overloaded by facts, figures and choices.

At the heart of my advice is this… let others experts do the leg work! It’s a bit cheeky but there’s already plenty of excellent blogs out there that weigh up the goods and the bads so you don’t need to!


Choosing Channels

Wellbeing blogsWe all have different preferences when it comes to how we get our fix. For some it’s Pinterest or Facebook or RSS feeds. For me it’s Instagram. Pick one and cull your incomings. Treat your feed like your inbox, you don’t want spam filling it up so unfollow those unhelpful accounts. If you’re into entering Instaloop giveaways you will be able to delete loads of accounts you can’t even remember following in the first place! Be ruthless.


Part of running Well Being Business is keeping on top of the latest and greatest in the wellbeing industry so I need to read. A lot. I have multiple streams of info I need for work and for my family so I have multiple Instagram accounts.

Once you add several accounts to your app it’s really easy to switch between them so I don’t find it a hassle at all. I can navigate with ease between my Instagram feed filled with organic t-shirts for toddlers and another feed populated with real-food recipes and another covering digital best practices.


Picking Partners

 You can only learn so much from the captions under an Instagram post so I have also chosen a shortlist of newsletters to sign up to.

Here are some questions to consider when choosing your influencers:

* Are they sponsored posts or is this blogger unbiased in reviews?

* What are their qualifications or expertise in the area?

* What is the frequency of their content and does that suit your needs?

* Do they have a likeminded approach to key issues?

* Do they publish to your choice of platform?


If you haven’t found one of the accounts useful for a while, cull them and look for a replacement. It’s an ongoing process to keep the flow of high quality info that works for you and your family.


The best way (as always) to find a diamond in the rough is to get a word of mouth recommendation. So to keep the karma flowing you should also share if you find a great account!


On my personal and business accounts I’m always calling out my new favourites and why they’ve flagged my interest. You can see loads of great green brands being called out all the time on our Instagram @wellbeingbusiness so come and join the community.


So in the sprit of collaboration please comment your fave wellbeing blog/account to follow and we can all top up our ‘professional development’ points!

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