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It goes without saying being a stay at home mum (or dad!) is one of the most demanding jobs there is. We love this advertisement for the #worldstoughestjob where the interviewer stated the job required you to be on call 24/7 with no breaks, no leave and NO PAY.

The interviewees were mortified and called the position ‘inhumane’. Lol!

The reality is that EVERY stay at home parent meets these requirements and more and continues to do it 365 days a year, 24 hours a day with little more than an ‘odd’ break here and there. You’d be hard pressed to find a role with similar working conditions.

We thought it was worth investigating this further. Financially, what exactly is a stay at home Mum worth? If she was paid for her time, how much would she make?

A study conducted by did just that and the results were jaw dropping!

It’s estimated that a stay at home mum works on average 94 hours per week which would (if she was paid), give her a yearly salary of $122,964 p.a! Working mums STILL perform approximately 58 hours of household and childcare duties per week which would equate to a salary of $73,012 p.a!

Let’s not forget stay at home dads, while numbers are still low the percentage of stay at home dads has DOUBLED in Australia in the few decades. Go dads GO!

So what exactly does this gigantic salary entail? While it’s different for every family, the general duties include:

  • Housekeeper x 14hrs @ $10.10 per hour
  • Cook x 14hrs @ $13.56 per hour
  • Daycare Teacher x 13.3hrs @$13.08 per hour
  • Driver x 8hrs $13.61 per hour
  • Janitor x 7.8hrs @ $9.95 per hour
  • Psychologist x 7.3hrs @ $38.03 per hour
  • Facilities Manager x 10.80hrs @ $31.59 per hour
  • CEO x 3.3hrs @ $54.58 per hour
  • Laundry Operator x 6.2hrs @ $9.95 per hour
  • Computer Operator x 8.9hrs @ $15.82 per hour


Looking at the long list of tasks mums complete, we actually think their salary estimation is on the conservative side. What do you think?

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From us to ALL the Mums out there, Happy Mother’s Day! We wish you love, rest and more on the ONE day a year you’re showered with the appreciation you deserve!

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