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Harmful Ingredients in Everyday Cleaners

When we purchase cleaning products for our home, we do so thinking we’re ridding our homes of germs and nasties. We want to keep our families safe and a clean home is just one of the ways we do this. So we stock up on the necessities, dishwashing tablets, laundry powder, floor cleaner and disinfectant just to name a few. The reality is, those everyday cleaners could be doing more harm than good. Most of us are aware of the toxic chemicals cleaners are laden with. So we do the right thing and buy products labeled ‘natural’ or ‘plant based’. Unfortunately regulations in most countries including Australia, allow manufacturers to use toxic chemicals in their products if it’s below a certain percentage. Which means those labels such as ‘natural’ or ‘plant based’ are not 100% organic. Today we want to focus on two harmful ingredients that are found in almost all toxic cleaners: Artificial Fragrance and Ammonia. What are they and how are they harmful? Let us give you the down low: Artificial Fragrance More than 95% of the chemicals in synthetic fragrances are derived from petrochemicals. These chemicals include: benzene derivatives, aldehydes, phthalates and a bevy of other known toxins that are capable of causing cancer, birth defects, nervous system disorders and allergies just to name a few. [Source:]

The sad fact is, manufacturers use the term ‘fragrance’ as a loophole to refrain from naming all of the dangerous ingredients on labels. Our advice? Read the label and if you see ‘fragrance’ listed as a key ingredient, back away from the product! These toxic chemicals are absorbed it into your bloodstream through your skin. Nasty! Ammonia Ammonia is a tricky one because this chemical can occur naturally so many people think it’s safe. Unfortunately the use of Ammonia in cleaning products can result in higher levels of exposure to vapours than from natural sources. The vapours found in Ammonia irritate the skin, throat, eyes and lungs. Ammonia may also cause kidney and liver damage. [Source:] Yes this one is a big no no. It’s commonly found in window cleaners, drain cleaners, toilet cleaners, bathroom cleaners, oven cleaners and all-purpose cleaners. As always, read the label with caution and if Ammonia is mentioned in the list of ingredients, put the product down! There is almost no regulation in the detergent industry. The only way to avoid harmful chemicals is to buy 100% natural and certified by an organic body like NASAA. (Avoid deceptive claims that just say “Plant-based” or “Natural”). An organic certification means there are a whole lot of stringent checks and measures to protect you from harmful ingredients, and that gives you peace of mind when using Resparkle. Bundle & Save! Try our Ultimate Toxin-Free Home Bundle + Free Shipping

Recommended for families comprising 2-3 pax. Good for regular home usage over an average of 2 months.


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