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It aint no secret that plastic has stamped it’s mark in today’s world – but as we know it, that stamp is not good. Plastic is everywhere, usage continues to rise and our environment continues to suffer.

Thankfully, a group of Earth Carers ( have made it their job to raise awareness on the amount of plastic in our lives and they challenge us to reduce the amount of single-use disposable plastic. This initiative happens July every year and we encourage you to hop on board

So why is plastic such a problem?  

  • Plastic is here forever! Every plastic item that is developed, still exists today. In fact, in the last 50 years of the 20th century, over 1 billion tonnes of plastic was produced. This figure has already doubled in the first ten years of this century (Scientific American).
  • Recycling! Recycling is not a long term solution, that’s why we need to focus more on REfusing, REducing and REusing
  • Health – some plastics contain BPA (bisphenol A) and phthalates. Both these chemicals can have harmful effects on human development
  • Litter & Marine Life – its not a surprise that 80% of the Ocean’s marine debris comes from the land, which is destroying marinelife through entanglement and ingestion. 

What can we do?

Because our plastic usage continues to skyrocket and every piece of plastic will continue to exist for many years to come, we need to REDUCE, REUSE, REFUSE, RETHINK and REPAIR!

Don’t worry, reducing plastic is not going to happen over night and you certainly aren’t alone.

At Resparkle, we have concentrated our efforts on smart packaging so that collectively we can help to REduce landfill and carbon footprint by REusing our BPA free bottes.

Green Packaging 

A Tip from the Resparkle Girls

Did you know that the plastic bags used to pack your fruit and veggies traps moisture and may speed up the decomposing process? Instead line your Crisper box with Paper or Tea towels (so that it absorbs moisture), then place your fruit and veggies in the box (without plastic bags)

+ Using Tea Towels

Using Tea Towels

Using Tea Towels. credit: image from participant of Alexx Stuart’s 30 Day Low Tox e-course.

+ Use Produce Bags

These eco-chic produce bags can be purchased from Aussie company 4MyEarth.

Using 4 My Earth Produce Bags

Using 4 My Earth Produce Bags







ENJOY! longer lasting Fruit & Veges SAVE! Money BE PROUD! that you have done your bit to support Plastic Free July

Last but definitely not the least, in support for Plastic Free July, we will be giving away a free reusable bag with the next 50 Resparkle purchase via our website

FREE Keep Calm & Quit Chemicals Eco-Bag with every Resparkle Purchase online.

FREE Keep Calm & Quit Chemicals Eco-Bag with every Resparkle Purchase online.



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