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Free shipping for orders $70 and above. Flat rate shipping $10 for orders below $70

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How much is shipping cost within Australia?

Orders above $70: Free Shipping
Orders below $70: Flat rate $10.00 shipping Australia wide

What are your estimated shipping times within Australia?


Metro: Next Day

Regional: 2 – 3 Days (up to 7 days for Remote Areas)


Metro: 2 – 5 Days

Regional: 4 -7 Days


Metro: 1 – 2 Days

Regional: 2 – 3 Days (up to 7 days for Remote Areas)


Metro/Regional: 3 – 5 Days


Metro: 1 – 2 Days

Regional: 2 – 5 Days


Metro: 3 – 10 Days

Regional: 3 – 10 Days

How will my order be shipped?

Our preferred courier partner is Australian Post. However, we may use other courier partners depending on your location.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, international shipping can be arranged. Please send us your order via email We will come back to you once we get a quote for shipping.

What is Resparkle’s returns policy?

We are happy to offer a store credit on items that are unopened and unused within the ACCC Consumer guarantee guidelines. Please enclose a note of explanation for your return and allow up to 20 days processing time. Any Resparkle Dollars earned on your returned items will be removed from your account. Please note that unreasonable and excessive returns may be declined at our discretion.

Send to:
Resparkle Returns
10/189B South Centre Road
Tullamarine Vic 3043

My item arrived faulty/damaged?

For items that arrive broken or damaged, please email us a photograph and subject heading “Faulty/Damaged Order No: XXXXX” within 7 days at and we will guide you through the replacement process.

For any items that arrive broken or faulty will be replaced if we are notified within 7 days of receipt. Please do not dispose of the item until we have had the chance to chat with you.

I have been sent an incorrect item or have items missing?

If for any reason there is an issue with your order (incomplete or incorrect), please email the following information to, as soon as possible, and we will guide you through the replacement process:

*Your order number
*The item you ordered
*The incorrect item you received

We are more than happy to help 🙂


How can I pay for my online purchase?

We accept the following payment channels:

  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Direct Deposit


*If you paying by direct deposit into our bank account, please include your order number as reference and send us an email confirming that transfer has been made. Items will be shipped once funds clear in our account.

How do I redeem my coupon code or store credit?

To use your store credit, please add the code into the “APPLY COUPON” box at cart/checkout. Please note that percentage discount codes cannot be applied to items listed under “Specials” or sale items.

Terms and conditions of coupon codes/store credits

  • All coupon codes will have an expiry date. Please refer to the terms & condition that comes along with the coupon code.

If no expiry date is listed, it will have a default expiry of 3 months.

  • Coupon codes excludes shipping, unless otherwise stated

Please note: Only one discount code is able to be redeemed per order.


How do I care for my Resparkle products?

To ensure durability and effectiveness of your Resparkle cleaning products, we recommend the following care:

  • Store in cool place and away from direct sunlight
  • Always rinse your reusable bottles before each refill
  • Keep the pods inside the box and the box to remain right side
  • Use filtered water if possible but tap water would also work
  • Do not drop the bottle
  • Close the spray nozzle when not in use

What is the shelf life of your products?

The shelf life differs from product to product:

  1. Natural All Purpose Cleaner & Refill Pod
  • Concentrate within a seal Refill Pod: 24 months
  • Once the concentrate is diluted in tap water, it is best to use within 3 to 4 months from opening. Always clean your bottle with soap and warm water before you replenish. Store in cool dry place.
  • To increase the shelf life of the diluted solution, use filtered water or disinfect the bottle before each replenishment.


2. Natural Nursery & Toy Cleaner & Refill Pod

  • Concentrate within a sealed Refill Pod: 24 months
  • Once the concentrate is diluted in tap water, it is best to use within 3 to 4 months from opening. Always clean your bottle with soap before you replenish. Store in cool dry place.
  • To increase the shelf life of the diluted solution, use filtered water or disinfect the bottle before each replenishment.


3.  Natural Dish Wash, Natural Hand Wash & Natural Floor Cleaner Concentrate

  • Shelf life within its original sealed packaging: 18 months
  • Always thoroughly wash your reusable bottles with soap and warm water before each replenishment.


4.  Natural Commercial Grade Disinfectant & Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash

  • Shelf life within its original sealed packaging: 24 months
  • Always thoroughly wash your reusable bottles with soap and warm water before each replenishment

Are your products greywater safe?

Yes, they are!

Can your floor cleaner be used on marble/timber?

Our floor cleaner concentrate once diluted will become pH neutral and non-corrosive, making it safe for use on any surface including sealed marble & timber. Always rinse off and spot test if unsure.

Why doesn’t the concentrate from the refill pod release into the bottle?

Please apply as much downward pressure as possible when twisting the pod onto the bottle and also give the bottle a gentle shake once the pod and spray are secured. The foil seal in the pod should break, releasing the concentrate. If you are still experiencing difficulties with the pod, please contact us.

I’ve noticed the color/texture/smell of my products look different from the last time, is there something wrong with it?

As our products are made from 100% natural plant-based ingredients, color, texture and smell variations are completely normal. If in doubt, feel free to contact us directly with a photo.

My spray isn’t working, is it faulty?

First, unscrew the spray nozzle only half way. Next press the trigger a few times until the solution is released. There may be air trapped in the spray so it may take a few attempts at pressing the trigger before it sprays.


What is your ingredients policy?

Our NASAA certification requires us to only use naturally derived ingredients that are not harmful to humans and the environment. This is strictly audited annually by NASAA to ensure we comply with the organic standards of Australia.

Where can I find the list of ingredients for your products?

We are pretty proud of our 100% natural ingredients and list them all on our packaging. They can also be found on each product page on this website. Simply click on the product and you will see the ingredients listed beneath the product image.


It is our mission to create zero waste, which is why we encourage all our customers to participate in any of the programs below.

How to return your refill pouches

You may send your used refill pouches back to us. We will sanitize and reuse the packs, replacing only the screw lid for safety purposes.

Once we have received your refill pouches, we will credit RS$1.50 to your member account.

To initiate the process, please follow the steps below.

Steps to follow:

  • Give your refill pouches a good rinse and dry.
  • Download and fill in our refill pouch return form
  • Place the empty pouches and form in an appropriate sized envelope and mail to


  • It’s best to send them in a large letter envelope where you will be able to fit approximately 4 to 5 pouches. Please make sure you don’t stack the spout corners of each pack. This will ensure you don’t exceed AusPost’s letter height restriction of 2 cm (spouts are 1.4cm).

How to recycle your laundry zipper bags

  • Redcycle program is able to recycle our refill pouches and laundry bags, converting them into useful items.
  • Redcycle bins can be found in several convenient locations across Australia such as Woolworths, Coles. Click here to learn more.

How to recycle your refill pods

  • Remove the foil as much as possible from the underside of the pod
  • Dispose both the pod and foil into your recycle bin


How do I earn RS$?

There are 3 ways to earn RS dollars:

i. Purchases:

You earn RS$1 for every whole $30 spent at Resparkle online store. RS$ are only earned on the final cash payment that is processed through our website checkout. RS$ will apply to the total amount after all discounts and credits.

ii. Reviews

You can earn RS$ by leaving a review for the products you purchased. All you need to do is log into your account and review to earn RS$!

We automatically add RS$1.00 to your account for every review posted when you are logged in. This is valid for both positive and negative reviews.

In accordance with Australian Law & ACCC guidelines, we are required to monitor reviews to ensure they are genuine. Any misuse of this service may warrant the deletion of reviews and RS$ revoked.

The more you share, the more you earn, the more we save the planet from plastics & chemicals. WIN!

iii. Participate in our Refill-return program

We will credit RS$2 for each parcel of refill pouches returned to us.

Can I get RS$ on old orders placed before your rewards program was set up?

Unfortunately, we can not backdate RS$ on old orders placed. Instead, we are giving all existing members RS$10 in your account to spend instantly.

How do I spend my RS$?

Your RS$ will automatically apply to your cart once the minimum spend of $50 (before gst & shipping) is reached.

No coupon or additional steps needed.

Reward points cannot be used for items listed under specials as these are already discounted.

Do note that your RS$ will expire if you have been inactive for 6 months or longer.

When will my RS$ expire?

Your RS$ will automatically expire if you have been inactive (ie. you have not logged into your user account) for 6 months or longer. We will, however, send you reminder emails if you have any RS$ in your account.

Can I use my RS$ in conjunction with a discount code?

A discount code and RS$ points redemption cannot be used at the same time.

Can I use my RS$ for sale items?

RS$ point can only be used for full price items. That means it cannot be redeemed for any items on sale or listed under Specials. You will however earn RS$ points on your purchase of items on sale or on special.

Help! I've forgotten my password!

Not to worry. Simply visit here and enter the email address you used to register your Resparkle account . You will receive a link shortly at that same email address to generate your new password.