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In recent years, we’ve witnessed a very welcome shift towards reducing single-use plastic. We applaud everyone committed to cutting plastic however, plastic use goes beyond straws and grocery bags. There are plenty of plastics lurking in your cleaning routine. Don’t let these hidden plastics ruin all your good work. 

Microfiber Cloths

Did you know every fibre on microfibre cloths are coated with microplastics? These nano-plastics are released into our waterways with every wash. Even worse, these plastics are being consumed by fish and other marine animals which in turn, get consumed by us. This is bad news for our marine life and humans.

You can make the switch and reduce this harmful cleaning cloth with our natural bamboo microfibre cloths. They are an environmentally safe alternative made from 100% natural bamboo and yarn. 

Dish Scourer/Dish Sponge

Did you know these innocent looking items are made out of nylon/polyester? Without even delving into the chemical jargon, you’d know polyester is a common plastic. Studies have shown the plastic particles are so small they are being breathed in my humans and staying trapped in the body. 

Plastic particles trapped in the human body. Pretty rough right? 

Instead, opt for a natural alternative. Our Copper Scrubber is made from 100% copper and is designed to tackle grease, stains and more with ease. You can use it on tiles, bathrooms, BBQ’s and even your oven.



Cleaning Detergent Bottles

Unfortunately, many of these empty bottles just can’t be recycled. May recycling plants deem used cleaning detergent bottles to be toxic. In fact, the general consensus is that
“waste which can directly or indirectly damage or pollute the environment and endanger human health, as well as medical waste, materials that could be explosive, inflammable, reactive, infectious or corrosive should not be recycled.” 

This material is referred to as toxic & hazardous B3 waste

Instead of choosing toxic chemicals to clean with, choose natural, plant-powered alternatives. Not only are these a healthy choice for you and your family, but they can also be recycled or reused with ease. 

Resparkle is proud to be championing a Zero Waste cleaning program. You can reuse and recycle all of our pouches, spray bottles and aluminium canisters.

Choose A Bamboo Toothbrush

Did you know in Australia, over 30 million toothbrushes end up as landfill? That’s a hefty 1000 tonnes of toothbrushes per year! Further to this, none of the materials used in traditional toothbrushes are biodegradable. Unfortunately, they can’t be burnt because upon doing so, they release a combination of toxic greenhouse gasses.

So they sit there damaging our environment year after year.

Instead, choose an environmentally friendly bamboo toothbrush. These are made from bamboo and are biodegradable.

Making these small eco-switches will make a big difference to our environment and your home.

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