Resparkle turns eight years old!
Resparkle turns eight years old!

It’s our 8th birthday!

Resparkle's journey over the years

The 26th January marks Resparkle’s 8th birthday and we can’t quite believe it’s been 8 whole years since we sold our very first bottle and refill pod at a local farmer’s market. I can’t help but be a little reflective over our journey. 

I was so nervous at my first ever market stall. I remember texting my husband who was away for work saying “What if everyone thinks selling concentrates in a refill pod is a dumb idea? What if no one wants to buy my invention?” Of course, being the kind of husband he is, he assured me everyone would think it was brilliant. At that time, the problem with plastic waste wasn’t on everyone’s agenda and sustainability wasn’t a buzz-word so I knew it would be a process of educating everyone. 

Resparkle very first range of cleaning products

It was such an interesting time and to my surprise, market-goers WERE environmentally conscious and by February I’d sold half of my stock! 

I continued innovating so I could reduce plastic packaging as much as possible. The eco-friendly refill pods were great and they did reduce plastic consumption by 80% but I knew we could do better. So, I introduced a refill pouch/return program. 

Resparkle's refill and return pouch program aims to reduce plastic used

It wasn’t without its challenges though! One being the actual take-up of the program. We realised our audience loved the idea of reusing pouches but cleaning and sending them back was another story. We also found the pouches could only be used 4 times before they had to be sent in for recycling. Not to mention the carbon emissions from transporting our refills to and fro, one household at a time. The benefits from reducing plastic waste were more than offset by the carbon impact. 

It was just not a long term solution and I needed to take our commitment to sustainability further. 

Whilst we are super proud of saving over 500,000 plastic bottles from the landfill, we were still producing plastic and plastic waste.

Fast-forward to now and I feel as though our brand has finally arrived. We’ve matured. We’re in a unique moment in history with the introduction of our new line of powder-based home care packed in 100% plastic-free refill sachets. 

Resparkle latest innovation, plastic free refills with reusable glass bottles

Our new mission is to save 2 million pieces of plastic from a) being produced in the first place and b) going into landfills. With that, we are going to plant a total of 300,000 trees in Australia’s fire-ravaged rainforest. The bushfires have left their mark on our precious land and we want to do our bit to replenish it. 

It might sound like a lofty, almost impossible dream to some but I think together, we can do it. I’m so committed that I have sold our family home to back this idea. The dream is to see our planet ban single-use plastic altogether.  

Now, all I need is 10,000 of you to say yes to cleaning better. From my heart to yours, will you join me in choosing better? 


Yours in a plastic-free future, 


P.S. Because it’s our birthday, we’re giving you $8 off our Planet Clean Up Bundle.

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