How to have a zero waste picnic

There’s no better way to enjoy the summer than a picnic with your loved ones. But what about all the plastic cups, crisp packets and packaging you’re left with? One look at a park bin at the end of a summer’s day says it all. The beauty of nature is too often interrupted by piles of litter left behind by a little too care free (or should we say care less) picnic-goers. If you are doing one thing this summer why not make a little effort to make your picnic plastic-free. Here are our 5 easy hacks to a zero waste picnic. 

1. Plan ahead

This is our number one tip! Planning ahead will help you avoid the last minute rush to shops and make a few simple dishes from scratch. Invest in some lightweight flatware, fill water bottles at home and think about how you’ll carry it all to the park.

2. Make your own dips 

Supermarket dips always come in plastic packaging so why not make your own. Hummus takes no time at all to blend up and you can get creative with what pulses you use. Why not try our founder Pearl’s favourite go-to, Thai Chilli Lime Hummus recipe from the Wholesome Cook. 

Ingredients you’ll need

– 440g (1 can) chickpeas liquid reserved

– 2 tbsp tahini

– 4 tbsp peanut oil

– ½ cup lime juice

– 2 springs fresh coriander chopped finely

– 1 red long chilli deseeded and chopped finely


Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until all chickpeas have been puréed. Add reserved chickpea liquid to the dip, if you prefer a more runny consistency. You can serve with crackers or vegetable sticks. Place in an airtight container. Hummus can be stored up to 4 days when refrigerated.

Image & Recipe Source: The Wholesome Cook

3. Use a lightweight bamboo plate, or a Tupperware lid instead of disposable plates

If you feel like getting fancy and want to eat off plates for your picnic don’t go for single use plastic ones, instead choose a lightweight alternative that you won’t mind carrying home, such as these bamboo ones or if you’re feeling less fancy your tupperware lid doubles up as a fantastic makeshift plate

4. Sanitise with Resparkle

With COVID still very much our reality, don’t forget the importance of hygiene. Hand sanitiser are more often than not packed in tiny single use plastic bottles. Switch to Resparkle’s Disinfectant Concentrate – it can be diluted in your own reusable bottle. As it’s made of 100% food grade natural ingredients, it can even be used to clean & sanitise your cutlery and your fruits & veggies! Simply spray and wipe with a napkin.

5. It’s a wrap!


Image Source:  Pointful Things

Cling film and tin foil aren’t easy to recycle so get creative with how you wrap your sandwiches and bites. Use clean tea towels, and they can double up as napkins once you’ve finished. Try the Furoshiki Japanese method of wrapping with cloth – here’s a video tutorial on how to do Furoshiki wrapping 😉

We hope you enjoy the rest of summer. After the year we went through, I’m sure you’d agree nothing beats sitting outdoors and breathing in fresh warm air and soaking in the much needed mood-booster vitamin D 🌞