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We recently read an article in Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald and we’ve got a little something to say about it.

While Australians are, as a whole, very environmentally conscious and in turn are excellent at recycling we have a very large problem that’s not going anywhere fast. It is estimated that over a million TONNES of plastic, paper and metal that was being sent to China now needs a new home. Our recycling needs to go somewhere so where exactly can we put it?

This is a critical issue and one we can no longer turn a blind eye to.

Now, we’re not going to break down every single waste item, what we want to focus on is perhaps the biggest offender, plastic. Plastic. So why is it a problem? Well, feast your eyes on the image below. This is a days worth of recycling from Kyneton in Victoria (population 7,000). One day.

The amount of waste we are producing is simply too heavy a load for our local council recycling system thus the exodus to China. In the past, China has taken a third of Australia’s recyclable plastic and paper but unfortunately, this service is no longer available.

So what’s with the ban on exporting our recyclables to China? In short, we’ve exhausted the trade agreement with 1.25m tonnes being sent there annually. China’s new import regulations mean that 99% of what we were sending their way is no longer allowed.

Check out this figure below, this is a small percentage of the plastic we are recycling annually.


These levels are only going one way, UP. So what can we do?

Cut Down on Plastic

Since we have well and truly exhausted our recycling capacity, the time is now to think differently. Reusing rather than recycling is a more effective strategy long term. It’s up to us to create change and send a message to manufacturers. By opting to reduce the use of plastic in your home, you are making a difference.

Here at Resparkle, we’ve been fighting the fight a long time which is why we insisted that all of our products are reusable. Our packaging is different in that each spray bottle is designed to be used again and again. All you do is fit a new pod to your reusable spray bottle and fill with your own tap water. Voila. Safe effective cleaning solution in hand, more cash in your wallet. Now that is a beautiful thing.

Using this innovative packaging, we’ve been able to slash our carbon footprint by a whopping 75%! In 2016 we saved over 72,564 plastic bottles from landfill.

We didn’t stop there. 4 years into our business, we decided to launch our Zero-plastic waste mission with our reusable aluminum bottle and refill pouches that can either be returned to us for reuse or dispose of at any Redcycle bins to keep them from the landfill. Learn more about our Zero-waste program here. 

If we could convert just 0.5% of all Australian homes to our zero-waste organic cleaners, we can save over 6 million tonnes of plastics from being produced, every, single, year. Now, how’s game-changing would that be?


To say we’re proud of this achievement is an understatement. We’re a locally founded company with our warehouse located in Melbourne. All product design and distribution is done in-house. Here’s our impact for 2018. Now we need your help to save 6m tonnes of plastics by the end of 2020. 





























Read more about our impact here.


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