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If you want to eliminate chaos and ensure this year is your most mindful to date, minimalism may be the very thing you’ve been searching for. There’s a misconception out there that to be a ‘minimalist’ you need to get rid of all of your possessions and live in a shack with no furniture, but that isn’t true! We’re here to dispel that myth and provide a few fuss-free ways to embrace minimal living this year.


1. Remove clutter

How many minutes do you spend frantically searching for your favourite shirt or accessories each morning? If you remove the items you don’t use or which don’t serve a purpose, you’ll be left with only the things that matter. Turn all your hangers to face the opposite way, and only hang them back up the right way after you have worn them. At the end of the month, donate the items you haven’t touched.


2. One in / one out

Once you’ve decluttered your home, you need to commit to the upkeep. One effective way to maintain a clutter-free space is to minimise new additions. If you must purchase a new item, remove something no longer needed to make space.

You’d be surprised how quickly a home can be overwhelmed with possessions. If you know you have to give something up for something new, you’ll learn to be mindful of your purchases.


3. Borrow instead of buy

Don’t purchase items unless you absolutely have to. Instead of dashing out to buy a book, borrow it from the library. If you need a tool or special device, ask a Facebook community group or look up your local tool library such as
Brisbane Tool Library or Stuff – Share Adelaide.

Rent a dress for a special event rather than spending on something which will gather dust in your wardrobe. Up the ante by borrowing a bag or shoes from a friend to perfect the look.

Almost anything can be borrowed or rented these days and reducing your purchasing behaviour will increase your savings and peace of mind.


4. Simplify your life

Reducing overwhelm extends further than what you buy and own. Give some thought to your weekly schedule. What’s taking you time and causing you undue stress? Can you systemise or even eliminate these tasks? For example, can you automate your bill payments? Move closer to work to reduce time spent travelling and battling traffic? Shop online rather than spend copious time at shops?

Make a list of what is a non-negotiable task and what can be removed. Think of ways to reduce energy and time spent on the non-negotiable jobs such as laundry and shopping. Embrace and reinvest that time into something that brings you joy.


5. Create joy

You don’t need to go without the items and experiences you truly love when making adjustments to your lifestyle. In fact, minimalism encourages you to make more room for happiness and contentment.

Make a list of what you’d like to achieve in the next year and note what’s weighing you down. Your list can include anything from a beach holiday to less time spent on devices. Once you’ve done a little soul searching, take notice of how many of those aspirations include things.


6. Do minimalism your way

The truth is, there’s no right and wrong way to embrace minimal living. You can be very strict with your possessions and only keep the bare essentials. You can be strategic with your spending to generate more money for what matters. You can be mindful in your choices to increase your overall well being. It’s up to you.

Start small and live the way you want to live. By simplifying your life you will naturally have more mental and physical space for the things that truly matter to you.


7. Choose better

Instead of choosing mass-produced goods, invest in quality. Not only will these products last longer, you will be doing your bit to build a sustainable future. If you want to go a step further, only purchase from brands who use high-quality, recyclable materials.

For example, you can cut down on cleaning products and waste by switching to our Ultimate Natural All Purpose Cleaner. It can be used on every surface and in every room in your home. The packaging is completely reusable. Better still, each purchase will go towards building a more sustainable future.


How are you embracing minimal living this year? Let us know in the comments.

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