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Written by Sevi from Baby Bistro

The fact of the matter is, we can’t always believe what we read or are told by governments, media, doctors or major food corporations. Unfortunately, in this day and age, majority of companies and society as a whole, have been consumed with dollar signs and will, a lot of the time, tell us that something is “good for us”, just to make a buck.

The good news is, society as a whole is slowly starting to ask questions again. We are looking for real answers. We are questioning the “higher powers” and we aren’t just rolling with the reasons they give us and claim to be correct.

This might sound quite contradictory coming from a small family business, whose livelihood survives on the people buying our products, however, if you are reading this, you have probably worked out, or will soon if you are a new customer, that Baby Bistro, is ‘not about the money’, but rather making wholesome healthy food for children, and teaching parents and their children how to make positive healthy food choices for a healthy, happy home.

Today, we wanted to share some information regarding food labels and what you should look out for when buying off the supermarket shelves.

baby bistro

Five things to keep in mind when food shopping for your children:

  1. Steer clear of any labeling where preservatives/Colours and additives are present.
  2. Natural and Organic Labels don’t necessarily mean the products are 100% Natural and Organic
  3. Salt and Sugar Content should be as low as possible per serve
  4. Check the Vegetable Content on the label – Some are cheeky and are less than 5% vegetables.
  5. Pouches are convenient, however nutrients are lost when they are hot sealed

Food on the supermarket shelves, as you are more than aware, are jam packed full of Colours, preservatives, flavors, salt and sugar. Majority of these, are included on food labels as a number figure, rather than the entire name of the product…Namely because these are chemicals.

We believe the below are some of the many we really do need to stay away from as much as possible

1’s: 102 –Tartrazine, 104 – Quinoline, 110 Sunset Yellow, 122 Carmoisine, 123 Amaranth, 124, Ponceau 132, Indignity, 143 fast green, 151 Brilliant Black,  127 Erythrosine, 160b Annatto – Some of these have been linked  strongly to Asthma, and hyperactivity disorders.

2 ‘s are all Preservatives: 200-203 – Sorbates, 210-219 Bentotes, 220-228 Sulphates, 249-252 Nitrates, 280-283 Propionates – Some linked to Eczema, dermatitis

3’s are all Synthetic Antioxidants 310-312 Gallates, 319-321 TBHQ, BHA, BHT

6’s – Flavor enhancers: 620-625 –MSG, 627- Disodium Guanylate, 631 Disodium Insinate, 635 Ribonucleotides, Yeast Extract, HVP

These are all unnatural chemical based substances, placed into our foods, which can contribute to and cause long life illnesses and diseases, such as Asthma, and hyperactivity disorders. These substances are primarily used to keep foods looking fresher and lasting longer- Longer shelf life, more return for the manufacturer. Never mind our health and wellbeing along with the cost of healthcare down the line.

Along with this, please keep in mind that even if labels state the products are “All Natural” or “Organic”, there are loopholes in legislation those enable products that are not completely natural or organic to be labeled as such. Please ensure the labels are checked to ensure you are paying top dollar for an actual natural or organic product. If it does not have the Australian Certified organic logo on it- It’s not organic.

Low sugar, Low fat, Low Sodium are always on the front of a product, be skeptical. Read the label and check the quantity- it may well be low in fat, but has it been loaded with sugar or salt so that it still tastes great and vice versa? We cannot tell you how much salt or sugar is or isn’t acceptable. Every- body has different needs and wants when t comes to food on any given day.

We encourage you to do your research. Look at different resources online, visit a naturopath, read books.  Please don’t believe or disbelieve just one source. Find the right balance in all of your research which sits well with you for your body and for your families growing bodies.

We will however recommend steering clear of mass produced foods and beverages as much as you possibly can and loading your fridge, cupboards a freezer with as many organic products and produce as possible.

We urge you to research learn and discover as much as you can, and would love to hear back from you with any information you would like to share with us and fellow Baby Bistro Customers.

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