Eco Cleaning Bundle
Eco Cleaning Bundle

Clean Home Clean Planet Bundle


At Resparkle, we believe by making small eco-friendly changes at home, together we can contribute to a big positive impact on our planet.

For the month of Plastic Free July, you will get free shipping when you have this bundle in your cart. 

The eco-impact of this bundle:

1. Reduce plastic waste by 80%
2. Reduce carbon footprint by 80%
3. Eradicate micro-plastic pollution from synthetic microfibre cloths
4. Eradicate cleaning chemical pollution in our waterways

Bundle comprises of:

Organic Kitchen & Multi-Surface Cleaner Bottle 500ml x 1
Organic Kitchen & Multi-Surface Cleaner Refill Pod x 1
Organic Bathroom & Glass Cleaner Bottle 500ml x 1
Organic Bathroom & Glass Refill Pod x 1
Natural Bamboo Microfibre cloth set of 3 x 1

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