Mythbusting is absolutely part of our Resparkle repertoire. Bet you thought synthetic chemicals were a necessary evil to kill germs and thoroughly clean? Wrong. You can get the same results minus those harmful toxins. Resparkle performance testing proves it.

At Resparkle we take performance testing out of the laboratory and direct to our end user – you. Each of our products is road-tested in genuine customer homes by genuine customer focus groups. But because we are tigers for punishment and serious about getting it right, we don’t stop there. Products only make the Resparkle cut when they have gained the seal of approval from the world’s toughest critics – mums. Like us, mums crusade for safer products that protect their family and the world their family is growing up in. So only once our mum testers give us the nod do we release our products into the market.

Now we love a skeptic. Probably because we are skeptics ourselves. That’s why we research and road-test each of our products with rigour that would make anyone sweat. So if you are still a bit dubious as to how our 100 per cent natural ingredients perform, let’s hand it over to science:

  • From a blend of citrus fruit we naturally extract plant cells
  • Plant cells powerfully break down dirt, grease and micro-organisms
  • Plant-based surfactants effectively lift dirt off surfaces.

There you have it. From fruit to freshness, all broken-down yuckies are easily wiped off from the surface without leaving any residues. Resparkle’s bioflavanoid extracts and other plant-based ingredients have the power to clean, kill germs and act as a natural preservative.

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