packaging-diagramOk, time to come clean on a little ‘trade secret’. You know those handy ready-to-use sprays that shout ‘convenience’ from the shelf tops? Active ingredients – the stuff that does the real cleaning legwork – make up only 10% of conventional ‘supermarket-shelf’ cleaning sprays. So you are paying for 90% water. If you think this makes no sense, we agree. That’s why we have created revolutionary patented cleaning packaging using:

  • Reusable spray bottles
  • Tiny refill pods of active cleaning concentrates

Our packaging may be different but rest assured Resparkle doesn’t compromise on convenience. All you do is fit a new pod to your reusable spray bottle and fill with your own tap water. Voila. Safe effective cleaning solution in hand, more cash in your wallet. Now that is a beautiful thing. Especially when switching to Resparkle means you also:

  • Reduce plastic waste in landfill
  • Slash carbon footprint by a whopping 75 per cent

Who wants to pay for packaging that you are going to bin anyway? Or for water that you can get out of your own tap? Resparkle means you don’t have too. Our packaging is slick, smart and fun too.

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